Durham Junior Chess Tournaments

The Durham City Junior Club is now held weekly on Wednesdays from 5.45pm to around 6.45pm.

Durham City Chess Club and Durham County Chess Association hold occasional junior events on some weekends. Recently these have been afternoon events at Coxhoe Village Hall. The first Durham City event was at Coxhoe Village Hall 2pm-5pm on Saturday 7th July 2012. There was a mixture of games, problem solving, and some instruction. See below for details.

Recent Durham County Junior Championships have been held in Coxhoe Village Hall. See below for details including results from 2011 onwards.

See below for full details of previous tournaments and upcoming events.

Durham County Junior Championships 2016/17

The Durham County Junior Championships will take place at Coxhoe Village Hall on Saturday 25th March 2017 1300-1700, with registration from 1245. Please arrive in time to start the first round at 1.15pm.

See the map below for the location of Coxhoe Village Hall, Front Street East, Coxhoe, County Durham, DH6 4DB. There is free parking on-street and in an adjoining car park.

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The championships are open to any juniors attending school or living in the former Durham County (which apart from Durham includes Darlington, Hartlepool, Stockton, Gateshead, Sunderland and South Tyneside). All eligible chess players are welcome – no previous tournament experience is required.

There is a trophy (to be returned next year), medal (to keep) and County Champion title for the following age groups, as of 31st August 2016:

  • Under 18
  • Under 15
  • Under 13
  • Under 11
  • Under 9

There is also a trophy and medal for the best score by a girl under 15. Depending on numbers, additional medals may be awarded.

How to Enter

We welcome entries from all eligible chess players. No previous tournament experience is required, and there is also no requirement to be a member of a chess club. If you do not play in a chess club, but are interested in regular games and improving your chess, see above if you live near Durham City, or follow the links to Darlington Chess Club, the Durham County Chess Association or the Northumbria Junior Chess Association for further information about clubs in your local area.

The entry fee for all age groups is £7 per player, with discounts for siblings and a group rate for schools. Pay on the day but register by Tuesday 21st March. Click on this link to download the poster advertising the event. To enter, or if you have any queries, please email Malola Parasth, the tournament organiser and Durham County Chess Association Junior Coordinator junior@dcca.org.uk

While it would not likely be beneficial for absolute beginners to enter, the tournament should be an enjoyable experience for enthusiastic chess players of all standards, including those with no previous tournament experience. The tournament controllers will explain clearly to all competitors the rules specific to tournaments chess, including the use of chess clocks.

Tournament Conditions

The tournament organisers will monitor all competitors during games, but parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring adequate supervision at all other times, including breaks between games.

Please keep all noise to a minimum in the playing hall while any games are in progress. Under no circumstances should anyone other than the Tournament Controllers interfere in any way with a game in progress.

Tournament Rules

If there are insufficient numbers in any age groups, some groups may be combined into one tournament. However, the prizes for each age group will still be awarded provided there is at least one eligible player. Note that even in such circumstances, players can only win a prize for the tournament they originally entered.

The tournaments are not run in knockout format, so all players will participate throughout the afternoon, with an approximate finishing time of 5pm, including prizegiving.

For those new to tournament chess, and as a reminder to others, the Tournament Controllers will explain the relevant rules at the start of round 1. Other than the basic moves, the main points to note for tournament chess are:

  • Touch Move: Think before you reach out to pick up a piece. Once you have intentionally touched a piece, you must move it (if it is possible to move it). If you need to adjust a piece because it is not properly in its square, that is OK, but you must indicate to your opponent that you are doing that before you touch it.
  • No Take-Back moves: Once you have let go of your piece, you cannot change your move (unless you have not played a legal move, in which case you can correct it, but the Touch Move rule still applies).
  • Illegal moves: If your opponent plays an illegal move (moves a piece in a way that is not allowed, or leaves or puts their King in check) you should ask them to take it back. If you play your move, then the game will continue even if your opponent gained an advantage by playing the illegal move. Note that you cannot win by taking your opponent's King.
  • Chess Clocks: Once you have played your move, you must press your button on the clock using the same hand you used to make your move. That will then stop your clock and start your opponents clock. If one player runs out of time, and their opponent indicates this, then they lose the game unless their opponent could not possibly win (e.g. has only a King left) in which case the game is drawn. If both players run out of time then the game is drawn - it does not matter who ran out of time first.
  • Winning a Game: You win by checkmating your opponent (unless you just played an illegal move). You also win if your opponent runs out of time, and you indicate that by stopping the clocks before you have run out of time, provided it would still be possible for you to checkmate your opponent (e.g. King and 1 pawn is fine).
  • Drawing a Game: The game is drawn if both players agree to a draw. (You can offer a draw while it is your turn to move, and your opponent can choose to accept at any time until they have played their next move.) The game is drawn if neither player could possibly win (e.g. just Kings left on the board). The game is draw if it is stalemate - this happens when the player to move cannot play any legal moves, but is not in check (so not checkmated).

Durham County Schools Championship 2017

The Durham County Schools Championships took place at Coxhoe Village Hall on Saturday 28th January 2017 1300-1700. It was advertised as a Team Tournament but allowing also individual entries. Unfortunately Shincliffe CoE Primary was the only school to provide a team, so there was no team competition. Instead there was an individual tournament. As is usually the case in chess tournaments (junior or otherwise), there was lots of good and exciting chess played, and of course many mistakes. Everyone seemed to enjoy their games and hopefully most will be encouraged to continue practising and playing. We also had some players taking part in their first tournament, and hopefully they have gained some experience and are looking forward to further opportunities.


The event was played as a 5-round Swiss, and the there was also a problem solving challenge to keep the players occupied between games. The full results of the chess tournament are listed below.


Tournament Result

  • 1st: Sam Neil: 5/5
  • 2nd: Edwin Smith: 4/5
  • 3rd equal: Stuart Lewis and Zhenya Tumarkin
  • 3rd equal & 1st equal Primary: Prachi Arora, Tanvi Manchineni, Jude Robinson and Lewis Smith

Final Results

1Sam Neil55005.0
2Edwin Smith54014.0
3=Tanvi Manchineni53023.0
3=Zhenya Tumarkin53023.0
3=Stuart Lewis53023.0
3=Prachi Arora53023.0
3=Lewis Smith53023.0
3=Jude Robinson53023.0
9=Rahul Gajawada52032.0
9=Joshua Denning52032.0
11Jarek Lockhart51131.5
12=Edward Li51041.0
12=Kian Jabeozadd50231.0
14Iris Murray50140.5

Group Photo

Games in Round 1

1Rahul Gajawada-Sam Neil0-1
2Edwin Smith-Jude Robinson1-0
3Edward Li-Zhenya Tumarkin0-1
4Tanvi Manchineni-Joshua Denning1-0
5Iris Murray-Prachi Arora0-1
6Lewis Smith-Jarek Lockhart1-0
7Kian Jabeozadd-Stuart Lewis0-1

Games in progress 

Games in Round 2

1Sam Neil-Tanvi Manchineni1-0
2Prachi Arora-Edwin Smith0-1
3Zhenya Tumarkin-Lewis Smith1-0
4Stuart Lewis-Rahul Gajawada1-0
5Jude Robinson-Iris Murray1-0
6Jarek Lockhart-Edward Li0-1
7Joshua Denning-Kian Jabeozadd1-0

Games in progress 

Games in Round 3

1Edwin Smith-Stuart Lewis1-0
2Sam Neil-Zhenya Tumarkin1-0
3Tanvi Manchineni-Jude Robinson1-0
4Edward Li-Prachi Arora0-1
5Lewis Smith-Joshua Denning1-0
6Rahul Gajawada-Jarek Lockhart1-0
7Kian Jabeozadd-Iris Murray½-½

Games in progress 

Games in Round 4

1Edwin Smith-Sam Neil0-1
2Zhenya Tumarkin-Tanvi Manchineni1-0
3Stuart Lewis-Lewis Smith1-0
4Prachi Arora-Rahul Gajawada1-0
5Jude Robinson-Edward Li1-0
6Iris Murray-Joshua Denning0-1
7Jarek Lockhart-Kian Jabeozadd½-½

Games in progress

Games in Round 5

1Sam Neil-Prachi Arora1-0
2Zhenya Tumarkin-Edwin Smith0-1
3Tanvi Manchineni-Stuart Lewis1-0
4Joshua Denning-Jude Robinson0-1
5Lewis Smith-Edward Li1-0
6Rahul Gajawada-Kian Jabeozadd1-0
7Iris Murray-Jarek Lockhart0-1

Durham County Junior Championships 2013

The Durham County Junior Championships took place at Coxhoe Village Hall on Saturday 11th May 2013 1300-1700. There were a similar number of competitors to last year with ages ranging from 6 to 16. The U-9 section again had a good entry, 12 this year but the other sections were combined as there were only 5 players in total. As in previous years there was lots of good and exciting chess played, and of course many mistakes, but everyone seemed to enjoy their games and hopefully most will be encouraged to continue practising and playing. We also had some players taking part in their first tournament, and hopefully they have gained some experience and are looking forward to further opportunities.


The U-9 group played a 6-round Swiss, while the others played an all-play-all tournament. The full results are listed below.



  • U-18: Szymon Palucha (Champion)
  • U-13: Yangyang Wang (Champion)
  • U-11: Aidan Garner (Champion)
  • U-9: Bobby Green (Champion), Harry Wilson (Silver Medal), Edwin Smith & Rohan Rawat (Bronze Medals)

Durham County Junior Chess Chamionships 2013 -- U-11, U-13, U-15, U-18

1Szymon Palucha44005.0
2Aidan Garner43014.0
3Yangyang Wang42023.0
4David Mathias41032.0
5Luke Spinks40041.0

Games in progress - Over 9s
Games in Round 1

1Yangyang Wang-Luke Spinks1-0
2Aidan Garner-David Mathias1-0

Games in Round 2

1Luke Spinks-Aidan Garner0-1
2Szymon Palucha-Yangyang Wang1-0

Games in Round 3

1Aidan Garner-Szymon Palucha0-1
2David Mathias-Luke Spinks1-0

Games in Round 4

1Szymon Palucha-David Mathias1-0
2Yangyang Wang-Aidan Garner0-1

Games in Round 5

1David Mathias-Yangyang Wang0-1
2Luke Spinks-Szymon Palucha0-1

Games in progress - U9

Durham County Junior Chess Chamionships 2013 -- U-9

1Bobby Green66006.0
2Harry Wilson65015.0
3=Edwin Smith64024.0
3=Rohan Rawat64024.0
5=Tymek Palucha63033.0
5=Regan Law63033.0
5=James Cheng63033.0
8=Lewis Smith62132.5
8=Ted Imrie62132.5
10Matthew Robson62042.0
11Laki Palaniappa61051.0
12Tom Edwards60060.0

More Games in progress - U9 Games in Round 1

1Edwin Smith-Laki Palaniappa1-0
2Ted Imrie-Lewis Smith½-½
3Bobby Green-James Cheng1-0
4Rohan Rawat-Tymek Palucha1-0
5Regan Law-Harry Wilson0-1
6Tom Edwards-Matthew Robson0-1

Games in Round 2

1Lewis Smith-Edwin Smith0-1
2Harry Wilson-Bobby Green0-1
3Matthew Robson-Rohan Rawat0-1
4Laki Palaniappa-Ted Imrie0-1
5Tymek Palucha-Tom Edwards1-0
6James Cheng-Regan Law0-1
Still Games in progress - U9
Games in Round 3

1Rohan Rawat-Ted Imrie1-0
2Bobby Green-Edwin Smith1-0
3Matthew Robson-Harry Wilson0-1
4Regan Law-Tymek Palucha0-1
5Tom Edwards-Lewis Smith0-1
6James Cheng-Laki Palaniappa1-0

Games in Round 4

1Rohan Rawat-Bobby Green0-1
2Harry Wilson-Lewis Smith1-0
3Edwin Smith-Tymek Palucha1-0
4Ted Imrie-James Cheng0-1
5Regan Law-Matthew Robson1-0
6Laki Palaniappa-Tom Edwards1-0
Simultaneous Display
Games in Round 5

1Tymek Palucha-Bobby Green0-1
2Edwin Smith-Regan Law1-0
3Harry Wilson-Rohan Rawat1-0
4Lewis Smith-James Cheng1-0
5Tom Edwards-Ted Imrie0-1
6Matthew Robson-Laki Palaniappa1-0

Games in Round 6

1Bobby Green-Lewis Smith1-0
2Rohan Rawat-Edwin Smith1-0
3Ted Imrie-Harry Wilson0-1
4Laki Palaniappa-Tymek Palucha0-1
5Regan Law-Tom Edwards1-0
6James Cheng-Matthew Robson1-0

Simultaneous Display by Malola Prasath

As the U9 group played one more round, during this last round Malola Prasath played a simultaneous match against the over 9s.

Durham City Junior Chess@Coxhoe

The Durham City Junior Chess@Coxhoe event took place at Coxhoe Village Hall on Saturday 7th July 2012 1400-1700. We had 10 juniors taking part and 3 different chess activities. There was a standard chess tournament (3 rounds) played with a time limit of 15 minutes each. We also had a problem solving competition, with 3 sheets of problems, with increasing difficulty through bronze, silver and gold levels. Also Malola Prasath ran a training session on the theme of movement and placement of pieces on the chess board, with the aim of getting an instinct for piece movement and coordination. As well as Malola, I would like to thank David James who helped out on the day, and Sharon Smith for runing the tuck shop. The variety of snacks and hot & cold drinks was much appreciated by everyone there.

In the end we awarded prizes of a chess book to the top 3 in the chess tournament. Yangyang was the overall winner with 3 wins out of 3, although he didn't play Edwin or Nix who finished second equal with 2.5/3, so the fair outcome was that all three got a prize. Yangyang also produced the best position, as adjudged by Malola in the final part of his training session. Edwin was the clear winner of the problem solving tournament, correctly solving all 17 problems except one at the gold level which no-one else solved either. The final round game between Edwin and Nix is also worth commenting on. Edwin made a good start, and managed to trap Nix's queen to win it for a rook. However, Edwin later made a very careless move to lose his queen, and Nix immediately took advantage to get a better position. Eventually Nix reached a totally winning position, but committed a very common mistake at this level, accidentally stalemating Edwin. The lesson here is to always think what your opponent's next move might be before you play your own move, that way you will often avoid making a mistake and should immediately notice if your opponent doesn't have any possible moves!


Here are the full details of results for the games and problem solving.

Final Ranking after 3 Rounds

1Yangyang Wang3003.0
2=Edwin Smith2102.5
2=Nix Thomson2102.5
4=Amir Tajuddin2012.0
4=Lewis Smith2012.0
6=David Mathias1021.0
6=Tymek Palucha1021.0
6=Zak Tajuddin1021.0
9=Noah Threlfall-Holmes0030.0
9=Mark Humphries0030.0


Games in Round 1

1Edwin Smith-Noah Threlfall-Holmes1-0
2Amir Tajuddin-Tymek Palucha1-0
3Yangyang Wang-Mark Humphries1-0
4Nix Thomson-David Mathias1-0
5Lewis Smith-Zak Tajuddin1-0

Games in Round 2

1Lewis Smith-Edwin Smith0-1
2Amir Tajuddin-Yangyang Wang0-1
3Tymek Palucha-Nix Thomson0-1
4David Mathias-Mark Humphries1-0
5Noah Threlfall-Holmes-Zak Tajuddin0-1

Games in Round 3

1Edwin Smith-Nix Thomson½-½
2Yangyang Wang-David Mathias1-0
3Noah Threlfall-Holmes-Lewis Smith0-1
4Zak Tajuddin-Amir Tajuddin0-1
5Mark Humphries-Tymek Palucha0-1


Problem Solving Scores

PosNameBronze (15)Silver (15)Gold (24)Total (54)
1Edwin Smith15151949
2Yangyang Wang1271029
3Lewis Smith741728
4Tymek Palucha1212226
5Mark Humphries612422
6=Nix Thomson97420
6=Amir Tajuddin124420
6=David Mathias124420
6=Zak Tajuddin97420
10Noah Threlfall-Holmes45413

The points awarded for each position dpeended on the difficulty, and sometime there were some points for a good but not best move. There were 6 positions at each level, except for Silver where I had to ignore the first position. It involved promoting a pawn to a knight. However no-one stated which piece they would take when moving the pawn, and promoting to a queen immediately lost! Some scores may not be entirely accurate as there was some discussion between some participants. Also, Tymek didn't have time to complete the Gold sheet, so way well have reached second position.

Durham County Junior Championships 2012

The Durham County Junior Championships took place at Shincliffe C of E Primary School on Sunday 22nd April 2012 1330-1700. There were a few more competitors than last year which was encouraging, although we will be looking to increase numbers further in future. As last year with Dylan Wilson, this year's youngest player, Lewis Smith, will still qualify for the U-9 tournament in 4 years time. The U-9 and U-11 sections were combined, as were the U-13, U-15 and U-18 sections. There was lots of good and exciting chess played, and of course many mistakes, but everyone seemed to enjoy their games and hopefully most will be encouraged to continue practising and playing.


Both groups played a 5-round Swiss. The full results are listed below. Some highlights were:

  • Szymon Palucha winning the U-18 Championship, but the 2011 Champion, Daniel White, only lost out on the tie-break rules.
  • Many hard-fought games in both sections.
  • Several new players, with a particularly good U-9 entry.


  • U-18: Szymon Palucha (Champion), Daniel White (Silver Medal)
  • U-15: Mark Rowden (Champion)
  • U-13: Andrew Gatenby (Champion)
  • U-11: Manav Gupta (Champion), AJ Thorne-Wallis (Silver Medal)
  • U-9: Bobby Green (Champion), Tymek Palucha & Dylan Wilson (Silver Medals)
  • Best Girl under 15: Rebecca Gill

Durham County Junior Chess Chamionships 2012 -- U-13, U-15, U-18

1Szymon Palucha54014.0-1-212.514.09.50
2Daniel White54014.0-1-311.012.07.00
3Andrew Gatenby53023.0-1111.57.06.50
4Mark Rowden53023.0-1-
5Akhil Gupta51222.01114.07.54.50
6Ibrahim Nasser51131.51-
7Isaac Armstrong51131.51211.52.02.50
8Joe Heselton51041.01314.53.01.50

Games in Round 1

1Akhil Gupta-Andrew Gatenby1-0
2Daniel White-Isaac Armstrong1-0
3Szymon Palucha-Joe Heselton1-0
4Ibrahim Nasser-Mark Rowden1-0

Games in Round 2

1Daniel White-Akhil Gupta1-0
2Ibrahim Nasser-Szymon Palucha0-1
3Isaac Armstrong-Andrew Gatenby0-1
4Mark Rowden-Joe Heselton1-0

Games in Round 3

1Szymon Palucha-Daniel White1-0
2Akhil Gupta-Ibrahim Nasser½-½
3Andrew Gatenby-Mark Rowden0-1
4Joe Heselton-Isaac Armstrong1-0

Games in Round 4

1Mark Rowden-Szymon Palucha0-1
2Ibrahim Nasser-Daniel White0-1
3Isaac Armstrong-Akhil Gupta½-½
4Joe Heselton-Andrew Gatenby0-1

Games in Round 5

1Andrew Gatenby-Szymon Palucha1-0
2Akhil Gupta-Daniel White0-1
3Joe Heselton-Mark Rowden0-1
4Isaac Armstrong-Ibrahim Nasser1-0

Games in progress

Durham County Junior Chess Chamionships 2012 -- U-9, U-11

1Manav Gupta54104.5-1-213.511.7514.5
2AJ Thorne-Wallis54014.01215.010.5012.0
3Bobby Green53113.51115.510.2510.5
4Aidan Garner53023.0-1-115.06.5012.0
5Tymek Palucha53023.0-1-
6Dylan Wilson53023.0-1-
7Edwin Smith52122.5-1-111.04.756.0
8Rebecca Gill52122.51111.02.756.0
9Harry Wilson52122.5119.02.506.5
10Oliver Gill52032.01114.03.507.0
11George Hampson51222.01110.02.006.5
12Ned Hampson51131.5-1-
13Lewis Smith51041.0119.00.003.0
14Eryn Stephenson50050.0-1-

Games in Round 1

1Harry Wilson-George Hampson½-½
2Ned Hampson-Dylan Wilson0-1
3Tymek Palucha-Edwin Smith1-0
4Lewis Smith-Aidan Garner0-1
5Eryn Stephenson-Manav Gupta0-1
6Bobby Green-Oliver Gill1-0
7Rebecca Gill-AJ Thorne-Wallis0-1

Games in Round 2

1Manav Gupta-Dylan Wilson1-0
2Aidan Garner-Bobby Green1-0
3AJ Thorne-Wallis-Tymek Palucha1-0
4George Hampson-Ned Hampson½-½
5Edwin Smith-Harry Wilson1-0
6Oliver Gill-Lewis Smith1-0
7Rebecca Gill-Eryn Stephenson1-0

Games in Round 3

1Manav Gupta-AJ Thorne-Wallis1-0
2George Hampson-Aidan Garner0-1
3Bobby Green-Tymek Palucha1-0
4Dylan Wilson-Rebecca Gill1-0
5Oliver Gill-Edwin Smith1-0
6Harry Wilson-Ned Hampson1-0
7Lewis Smith-Eryn Stephenson1-0

Games in Round 4

1Aidan Garner-Manav Gupta0-1
2Dylan Wilson-Bobby Green0-1
3AJ Thorne-Wallis-Oliver Gill1-0
4Tymek Palucha-Harry Wilson1-0
5Eryn Stephenson-George Hampson0-1
6Ned Hampson-Lewis Smith1-0
7Edwin Smith-Rebecca Gill½-½

Games in Round 5

1Bobby Green-Manav Gupta½-½
2AJ Thorne-Wallis-Aidan Garner1-0
3Oliver Gill-Dylan Wilson0-1
4George Hampson-Tymek Palucha0-1
5Harry Wilson-Eryn Stephenson1-0
6Lewis Smith-Edwin Smith0-1
7Rebecca Gill-Ned Hampson1-0

Durham County Junior Championships 2011

The Durham County Junior Championships took place at Belmont C of E Junior School on Saturday 21st May 2011 1330-1700. The number of competitors was not as high as in previous years, so the U-9 and U-11 sections were combined, as were the U-13, U-15 and U-18 sections. There was lots of good and exciting chess played, and certainly in the lower age group many games could have gone either way so the final table doesn\'t necessarily reflect the close competition.

The younger players competed in a 9-round all-play-all, while the older players had a more relaxed 5-round schedule including one bye each. Under the rules, players were eligible to win only the section they had entered. Full results are listed below, but some particularly impressive performances were:

  • Szymon Palucha with an almost perfect score in the older age group tournament.
  • AJ Thorne-Wallis who always looked in control with a perfect score in the younger age group tournament.
  • Shriram Geethanath who played very well on his way to the U-11 title.

Some honourable mentions also go to Aidan Garner and Edwin Smith for a tight battle for second place in the U-9 section, and to some of the younger players showing that chess is for all ages -- in particular Dylan Wilson will still be eligible for the U-9 section in four years time!



  • U-18: Daniel White (Champion)
  • U-15: Szymon Palucha (Champion)
  • U-13: Andrew Gatenby & Akhil Gupta (Joint Champions)
  • U-11: Shriram Geethanath (Champion)
  • U-9: AJ Thorne-Wallis (Champion), Aidan Garner (Silver Medal)
  • Best Girl under 15: Eryn Stephenson

Durham County Junior Chess Championships 2011 -- U-13 U-15 U-18

1Szymon Palucha43103.5
2Andrew Gatenby41212.0
3Daniel White42022.0
4Akhil Gupta41212.0
5Mark Rowden40130.5

Games in Round 1

1Akhil Gupta-Daniel White0-1
2Mark Rowden-Szymon Palucha0-1

Games in Round 2

1Daniel White-Mark Rowden1-0
2Andrew Gatenby-Akhil Gupta½-½

Games in Round 3

1Mark Rowden-Andrew Gatenby½-½
2Szymon Palucha-Daniel White1-0

Games in Round 4

1Andrew Gatenby-Szymon Palucha0-1
2Akhil Gupta-Mark Rowden1-0

Games in Round 5

1Szymon Palucha-Akhil Gupta½-½
2Daniel White-Andrew Gatenby0-1

Durham County Junior Chess Championships 2011 -- U-9 U-11

1AJ Thorne-Wallis99009.0
2Shriram Geethanath97117.5
3Aidan Garner96126.5
4Edwin Smith95226.0
5Nico Goeta93244.0
6Michael Corner93153.5
7Will Lindsey93153.5
8Harry Wilson93063.0
9Dylan Wilson91262.0
10Eryn Stephenson90090.0

Games in Round 1

1Aidan Garner-Michael Corner1-0
2Will Lindsey-Shriram Geethanath0-1
3Edwin Smith-Nico Goeta1-0
4Eryn Stephenson-AJ Thorne-Wallis0-1
5Dylan Wilson-Harry Wilson0-1

Games in Round 2

1Michael Corner-Harry Wilson1-0
2AJ Thorne-Wallis-Dylan Wilson1-0
3Nico Goeta-Eryn Stephenson1-0
4Shriram Geethanath-Edwin Smith½-½
5Aidan Garner-Will Lindsey1-0

Games in Round 3

1Will Lindsey-Michael Corner0-1
2Edwin Smith-Aidan Garner½-½
3Eryn Stephenson-Shriram Geethanath0-1
4Dylan Wilson-Nico Goeta½-½
5Harry Wilson-AJ Thorne-Wallis0-1

Games in Round 4

1Michael Corner-AJ Thorne-Wallis0-1
2Nico Goeta-Harry Wilson1-0
3Shriram Geethanath-Dylan Wilson1-0
4Aidan Garner-Eryn Stephenson1-0
5Will Lindsey-Edwin Smith1-0

Games in Round 5

1Edwin Smith-Michael Corner1-0
2Eryn Stephenson-Will Lindsey0-1
3Dylan Wilson-Aidan Garner0-1
4Harry Wilson-Shriram Geethanath0-1
5AJ Thorne-Wallis-Nico Goeta1-0

Games in Round 6

1Michael Corner-Nico Goeta0-1
2Shriram Geethanath-AJ Thorne-Wallis0-1
3Aidan Garner-Harry Wilson1-0
4Will Lindsey-Dylan Wilson1-0
5Edwin Smith-Eryn Stephenson1-0

Games in Round 7

1Eryn Stephenson-Michael Corner0-1
2Dylan Wilson-Edwin Smith0-1
3Harry Wilson-Will Lindsey1-0
4AJ Thorne-Wallis-Aidan Garner1-0
5Nico Goeta-Shriram Geethanath0-1

Games in Round 8

1Michael Corner-Shriram Geethanath0-1
2Aidan Garner-Nico Goeta1-0
3Will Lindsey-AJ Thorne-Wallis0-1
4Edwin Smith-Harry Wilson1-0
5Eryn Stephenson-Dylan Wilson0-1

Games in Round 9

1Dylan Wilson-Michael Corner½-½
2Harry Wilson-Eryn Stephenson1-0
3AJ Thorne-Wallis-Edwin Smith1-0
4Nico Goeta-Will Lindsey½-½
5Shriram Geethanath-Aidan Garner1-0