Club Championship

The Club Championship will be a 6 round Swiss tournament, with each round to be played on the dates specified below. Results and rankings are displayed on the right.

Round 1 27/09/17

Round 2 18/10/17

Round 3 8/11/17

Round 4 6/12/17

Round 5 7/2/18

Round 6 4/3/18

Club Championship Rules

  1. All club members are eligible to enter the Club Championship but, as for league matches, it is also necessary to be an ECF member as the games are graded.
  2. The draw for each round is made using the standard Swiss system with 1 point for a win, ½ point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
  3. All games must be played on the specified date. Exceptions are allowed at the discretion of the tournament controller. However the last round can only be played on the specified date.
  4. Players unable to play on the date specified for a given round must inform the tournament controller before the draw is made (usually around 1 week before the round.) In such cases the player will receive a ½ point bye, subject to a maximum of two such byes.
  5. Games should normally be played at the club, starting at 7pm, but players are allowed to arrange to play outside the club, subject to the agreement in advance of the tournament controller.
  6. The time control is 75 minutes for the game but with an extra 10 seconds per move, as in the Durham County and Northumbria Leagues.
  7. Players are responsible for sending results to the tournament controller and/or writing the result on the list of fixtures if a printed copy is at the club that night.
  8. After the final round the player with the most points is declared the Club Champion. Similarly the highest ranked of the players with a grade under 140 becomes the Minor Championship Winner. Ungraded players are not normally eligible for the Minor Championship, but exceptions can be made at the discretion of the tournament controller.

Club Championship 2017-18 Tables, Fixtures and Results

Club Champions (2016/17 season)

  • Club Champion: Ken Neat
  • Minor Championship (U-140) Winner: Geoff Raw

Ranking after Round 2

1Thomas Eggleston22002.0
2Ken Neat22002.0
3Szymon Palucha22002.0
4David Cushing00001.5
5Dave Renton11001.5
6Ian Dobbs11001.5
7Philip Brooks11001.5
8Maurice Bell21011.0
9Geoff Raw*10011.0
10Edwin Smith*21011.0
11Zhenya Tumarkin*21011.0
12Steve Jefferies21011.0
13Robin Nandi10010.5
14Bhuvan Jumani*10010.5
15Tony Shires20020.0
16Sebastian Palucha*20020.0
17Alan McNamee*20020.0

Players marked * are graded under 140 so are eligible for the Minor Championship.

Games in Round 3 - 08/11/2017

1Thomas Eggleston-Ken Neat.....
2David Cushing-Dave Renton0-1 (Default)
3Ian Dobbs-Maurice Bell1-0
4Edwin Smith*-Geoff Raw*1-0
5Steve Jefferies-Zhenya Tumarkin*1-0
6Robin Nandi-Bhuvan Jumani*1-0
7Alan McNamee*-Sebastian Palucha*0-1


Tony Shires-Abs with msgPhilip Brooks-Abs with msg
Szymon Palucha-Abs with msg

Games in Round 2 - 18/10/2017

1Ken Neat-Robin Nandi1-0
2Maurice Bell-Thomas Eggleston0-1
3Szymon Palucha-Steve Jefferies1-0
4Tony Shires-Philip Brooks0-1
5Zhenya Tumarkin*-Alan McNamee*1-0
6Sebastian Palucha*-Edwin Smith*0-1


Ian Dobbs-Abs with msgDave Renton-Abs with msg
David Cushing-Manual pairing byeBhuvan Jumani*-Abs with msg
Geoff Raw*-Pairing alloc bye

Games in Round 1 - 27/09/2017

1Edwin Smith*-Ken Neat0-1
2Thomas Eggleston-Zhenya Tumarkin*1-0
3Geoff Raw*-Szymon Palucha0-1
4Dave Renton-Sebastian Palucha*1-0
5Alan McNamee*-Ian Dobbs0-1
6Maurice Bell-Bhuvan Jumani*1-0
7Steve Jefferies-Tony Shires1-0


Robin Nandi-Abs with msg

Games in Round 1 - 26/10/2016

1John Findlay-Thomas Eggleston0-1
2Ken Neat-Jyoti Bhattacharya1-0
3Sean Gardiner-Szymon Palucha0-1
4Paul Robson-Geoff Raw1-0
5Robin Nandi-Dave Renton0-1
6Sam Neil-Ian Dobbs0-1
7Maurice Bell-Zhenya Tumarkin1-0 (Default)
8Edwin Smith-Alan McNamee1-0

Previous Club Champions


  • Club Champion: Ken Neat
  • Minor Championship (U-140) Winners: Maurice Bell & Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya


  • Club Champion: Ken Neat
  • Minor Championship (U-140) Winner: Maurice Bell


  • Club Champion: Ken Neat
  • Minor Championship (U-140) Winner: Szymon Palucha


  • Club Champion: Dave Renton
  • Minor Championship (U-140) Winner: Tony Shires


  • Club Champion: Ken Neat
  • Minor Championship (U-140) Winner: Peter Turner

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